We are Designer Kaftans manufacturers in MumbaiKaftans are a traditional Persian outfit that was used by both the men and women. But with the ever changing fashion every traditional outfit has transfigured itself indo modish and alluring styles and patterns.  Kaftan is one among them that tops the list of comfortable and elegant designer wear for women. Unlike the tradition style modern day kaftans are much more comfortable, stylish, colorful and in a surfeit of styles and designs. Kaftans were traditionally covered to cover the body entirely, but you can have a skin show with the contemporary style kaftans which are less conservative. You can easily get wholesale kaftans in Mumbai.

designer kaftans wholesaleWe are Designer Kaftans manufacturers and wholesalers in Mumbai

The contemporary style kaftans are long sleeved, spaghetti strapped and halter neck kaftans that gives you an eye catching yet glamorous look.  The aura of wearing kaftans depends on the person how she carries herself in the attire. Besides the sleeves there are also distinctive styles of necklines that have undergone attention-grabbing changes. Now you can get kaftans that are low neck, V neck and boat neck kaftans that have fused in the latest fashion trends in kaftans. You can easily buy kaftans from wholesale stores.  . Another change in kaftan is the length; you can get from waist length to ankle length designer kaftans in various hues, prints, and styles. You can select the minutest detail of kaftan from our catalog.

Kaftans can be put on for parties, casual wear, and definitely beach wear. You can team up a thigh high designer kaftan with skin hugging denims, waist length kaftans can be paired with hot pants and colored pants. Kaftans are usually made free flowing fabric such as chiffon, silk and cashmere. You can geometrical and sequined designs on kaftans. We are kaftan manufacturer in mumbai.  We have kaftans that are in vogue and trendy looking. We have innumerable colors and patterns that will keep your eyes magnetized to the catalogue. We manufacture and export kaftans wholesale india