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leggings for toddlers and kids

Awesome and interesting designs are now available in leggings. The colors are about comfort and latest style with the right elements to add to the comfort of little children. The toddler collection is also seen in metallic colors and the zany shiny varieties in red, pink and the green perfect for the evening party. The cosmic designs are a great way to capture the style in the latest creation for kids. The best in geometric prints, which are not too harsh on the eye, is  radiant in new designs. A simple polka dotted leggings for a toddler works well with a plain top. We are wholesale leggings for toddlers in Mumbai, Pune, navi Mumbai, bangalore and pan India.

kids leggings wholesale
Remarkable styles are available in sheer delights with embellishments like sequins or starry patterns. Kids absolutely love these works and always are in awe of them. Embroided leggings are also available with the best stitch and fabric. It is incredibly stylish to find the best colors in orange, fuchsia or a bright red to suit the vibrant mood of kids. Teamed with a smart T-shirt and jacket the denim variety in leggings is also available for kids of all ages. It is great to find the best in whites or beige colors too as they go well with any kind of top wear. We are well known legging manufacturer in Mumbai.

leggings mumbaiComfortable styles are seen in ethnic prints to suit a traditional mood. We are reliable wholesale leggings supplier India. The best in toddler leggings is about the leopard or animal prints which is also toned with some trimmings like a  velvet ornamentation or an artificial fur edging. Easy on the skin and perfect for outdoors, the baggy styled leggings are also another comfortable pattern. Self-designed prints are also a large assorted collection for kids and toddlers. We have the best wholesale leggings for kids.